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Dear LCM Friends, 

The new documentary film about well-known children’s T.V. host, Mr. Rogers, called Won’t You Be My Neighbor is a current big hit among children and adults alike. Mr. Rogers taught good neighborliness through the medium of TV for far more years than he ever expected. As a Christian, he had wide opportunity to have an impact, calling people to the high bar of caring for neighbors near and far. 

Martin Luther also emphasized the vitality of good “neighborology.” How’s that for a fun word! Good theology is lived out in relationship with our neighbors. Jesus taught us to “love our neighbors as ourselves. When he was asked, “Who is my neighbor?” he answered with the story of the Good Samaritan (see Luke 10:25-37). 

What a joy it is that LCM is situated in the Little Tehran neighborhood of West Los Angeles. As a congregation we gather from places far and wide, as far as Minnesota, Phoenix, and Costa Mesa, and as near as Westwood. We have an expansive geography, a s well as a near one. On Saturday evening, September 29th beginning at 6:30 p.m. I invite you to a special viewing of a documentary on Iran, to help us be better acquainted with the culture of our Persian neighbors.

Like Mr. Rogers, another well-known Christian (who happens to be a Lutheran), Travel Guide Rick Steves, has published a travelogue on his visit with the people of Iran. His focus is on the warm and hospitable people who welcomed him on his journey. We want to view this one-hour documentary together with members among us at LCM who are Persian and let the film be a discussion starter for conversation with one another as friends in Christ. How blessed we are to be neighbors. 

Please join us for this fun Movie Night at LCM! Bring snacks to share. We’ll provide drinks. And, instead of popcorn, we will serve pistachio nuts as the Pistash Tree is native to Iran. Pistachio nuts are also referred to in the Bible as costly rich oil with which Mary of Bethany anointed Jesus’ feet.

Invite friends: 


Rick Steves’ Documentary “Iran”

Saturday, September 29, 2018

6:30 p.m. at LCM

Please bring snacks to share. Drinks will be provided. 


Rejoicing to be your neighbor, in Christ, 

+Pastor Peg