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God Part 1: God, the Father

What’s God like?

The vast majority of Christians will talk about God expressing Himself, doing His work, as well as living and existing in three persons: Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

Now God is all powerful, capable of anything and without limits.  This means that God can do anything He wants.  God can be cruel.  God can be fair and just.  But God chooses to be kind and merciful and loving.  God has a personality just like we do.  We have unique things we find funny or that irritate us.  In the same way God has a personality, but His personality is completely, perfectly and unconditionally loving.  Because God is loving God wants relationship.  God created everything in the universe to be in loving relationship with it.  God created us to be in loving relationship with us.  And God continues to create and sustain and provide and bless out of His love.  It is because God uses His power to lovingly care for us and all creation that Christians use the more intimate and personal term for God of Father.