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Christians are called by our Scriptures and God to pass on the good news of God’s love and Christ’s salvation.  So how do we pass along the faith?  When I was interviewing to be the pastor here, one of the things said about this church was: “We don’t know what Evangelism is.  We need to be taught how to do it.”  Let me show you evangelism… 

I love steak.  I do.  I love it.  Oh, there is nothing like a thick cut of USDA prime grade beef.  Little bit of sea salt.  And maybe just a kiss of garlic.  But nothing else.  And when it is really hot just off a fire grill.  The fire has made the outer most layer just ever so slightly crisp but then you cut in and your first bite is moist.  And you can’t taint that first bit with steak sauce or horseradish. Oh, no.  There will be time for that later. 

Now I typically make my own steaks.  But there is one steakhouse that is simply amazing.  Fogo de Chao.  It is a Brazilian style steakhouse.  There are 17 locations in the United States and one right here in LA.  They offer 15 signature cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken.  And it is all-you-can-eat, with waiters walking around with these swords of meat.  And they come to your table just cut you a piece of deliciousness right there.  They wrap certain meats in bacon.  And there are side dishes, caramelized bananas, polenta, and cheese bread.  Oh, the cheese bread.  When I was there I had the most amazing steak ever.  It is called the Picanha, and it was mind blowing.  It had to be prepared by angels it was so good.  I seasoned it with my tears of joy.  If you get a chance, and eat meat, I suggest you have the experience for yourself.

This is basically evangelism.  You talk about yourself.  How something has made a difference in your life.  What you enjoy about it.  And you invite people to experience it for themselves.  We do it all the time with movies, books and restaurants.  You can do the same thing with your church and your faith.  Your church has friendly people, amazing music and a distractingly good-looking pastor.  It’s a winning combination.  Your faith has brought you peace and strength during hard times.  That’s worth sharing.